Amazon, Google and the Weather

A few days ago, while building and tuning a board presentation, I was searching for a metaphor. One that describes the options players have on a market, especially in fast changing ones. Mainstream market trends can be seen as weather – it is just there. You cannot change it!

If it is freezing cold outside you just have the option to adapt and wear your warm parka or to freeze and maybe die. If a hurricane approaches you just can close the windows and nail them because otherwise there won’t be anything left of the windows. It just does not matter if you like wooden boards in front of your house.

So I found my metaphor: “Google and Amazon are like weather”! They are just out there, they affect anybody in the Internet business and that won’t change for a while. So either you find a strategy that is successful in a world with Google and Amazon or you will just fail! Period!

Company and product strategy in the long term has some commonalities with poker as well. You can’t change the cards you are dealt. You just can decide how you play them. Do you raise (invest), check (wait for the right moment or hint) or fold (exit). The latter is very often no matter of discussion because of many most personal reasons. In fact knowing when to fold and really doing that is possibly the most important competence of a poker player (manager).

Back to the weather. Many people do not like Google or even fear it. That is completely natural. I like sun much more than rain, too. But if i were a farmer I would chose an area with rain rather than without or if my soil is too dry, I would build an irrigation system. In that case I am dependent on the one supplying the water.

Most decisions are about the better or less harmful choice. It is not a wishing game. So either you find a good niche in the Amazon and Google world or exit. Face it and put away any animosities, unless you are a real rainmaker! :-)

Bye, Björn

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  1. HmF,
    nice to discover our frequent discussions emerging in the ether of the world, say internet. At least a few shared thoughts, I mean, being just the prompt of an ingenious mind…

  2. Vor einigen Jahren nahm ich an einer Podiumsdiskussion zu Thema Märkte und Marktplätze teil. Titel der Veranstaltung war grob “Ist Ebay das Ende des Einzelhandels?” Mit dabei waren Vertreter der Handelskammern, von Politik, Wirtschaft und Forschung so

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