Back online

“Hey, what took you so long?” This is exactly the question I am asking myself the last days. But let’s start at the beginning. By the way always a good idea. :-)

My blog was hacked 4 years ago and was taken offline by my provider. I tried to get it back online but was not able to. Other things became more important and so it stayed dormant. I also got more and more caught in the phenomena that I discribed in my post . VCs and Entrepreneurs blog and write, but in large corporations like I workd for the last alsmost 4 years, this is really tricky. But let’s see. :-)

Three days ago I deleted everything and asked my provider to reactivate my domain. And here we are. New WordPress, all the old content and hopefully some new stuff in the future.

The first change of cause is the switch to English to enable more of my friends to follow my posts. I will still publish some articles in German, but only if I expect the target audience to be – let’s call it – receptive to German texts.

To make things easier I will try to find a nice Google Translate plugin. The jokes and sarcasm will not translate, but maybe the message will stay.

Reading some very old posts is very interesting to me. Some predictions turned out to be head on some thoughts are still en vogue and some aspects have not been adopted by a broader audience yet.

So, have fun and please join my discussions.

Best from Berlin,


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