Do executive bloggers exist?

Especially in the last four to five months, I asked myself the following question over and over again:

“Who are those business bloggers and what is there role in their industry or business?”

Since I work in the Internet industry, especially in the web 2.0 application area, I read quite a bunch of interesting blogs. Most of them report ex post about things, that have happened in the near past. For example is a nice news aggregator for the German web 2.0 scene. There are special interest blogs like who serve as a evangelizing corporate blog on a narrow topic or self marketing blogs of various technology or method consultants. Those guys act as catalysts, sparring partners or idea distribution providers across the Atlantic and often write about the things they encountered in one or more client sessions.

All these blogs offer well written insights or overviews over more or less open information or opinions. But is there something like an executive blogger out there? A manager who writes about the really interesting things, he is working on? A guy who is in charge of a company, product or strategy? Someone who has responsibility for people, money and the future of his “baby”?

I believe not!

I came to this point, because over and over again I had some ideas for articles I did not write due to the fact that the topics and especially solutions are confidential and crucial to the success of the projects and companies I am working on. Things that are not “open source” or “public domain”. If I just travelled from workshop to workshop and convention to convention, blogging about my ideas and business issues would be a great and fascination thing, especially in the time waiting in airport lounges.

In my case, I need to keep them and use the waiting times talking to my team members, business partners and work on strategic details … and I like that! :-)

What do you think? Are there any executive bloggers? If you found one, please comment and tell me!

All the best from snowy Berlin!

Björn Woltermann

One thought on “Do executive bloggers exist?”

  1. Ich glaube auch nicht, dass Menschen in Entscheidungspositionen unzensiert ihre Gedanken und Einsichten der Online-Welt zur Verfügung stellen – da würden sie ja die Konkurrenz mit Informationen versorgen und sich selbst in Gefahr bringen. Ebenso werde ich mich als aktiver Blogger ebenso hüten, über meine Firma, meine Kollegen, meinen Chef etc. zu schreiben. Gerade weil ich weiß, das Letzterer zu den Lesern meiner Seite gehören. Man muss da glaube ich unterscheiden, was ein Blogger überhaupt mit seinen Texten erreichen möchte. Der eine sieht es als Tagebuch und möchte der Welt mitteilen, was ihm so wiederfährt. Andere fröhnen einem Hobby und möchten ihre Gedanken dazu der Welt zugänglich machen. Wieder andere wollen interessante Diskussionen zu einem bestimmten Thema anfachen, vielleicht auch, um selbst an Informationen zu kommen.
    Interessant wäre die Frage, ob es nicht sogar Blogger gibt, die gezielt Fehlinformationen posten, um genau das Gegenteil zu bewirken.
    Ich lese auch gerne Blogs – aber man sollte nicht alles für bare Münze nehmen, was da so geschrieben wird…

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